Join (Merge, Combine) Multiple HTML Files Into One Software

Join (Merge, Combine) Multiple HTML Files Into One Software 7.0

A very simple tool to put together a number of HTML files into a new one
7.0 (See all)

Join (Merge, Combine) Multiple HTML Files Into One Software is an extremely simple tool that will help you to put together any number of HTML files into a new one. You can select specific files from the same or different folders, or load all the HTML files existing in a folder with just a couple of clicks. Finally, you can determine the order in which the combined documents will appear in the new HTML file.

Following the simplicity that we traditionally find in Sobolsoft’s products, this one-task tool comes in a minimalistic interface with just the right buttons you need to load the files, to put them in the right order, and to perform the merging process. The resulting HTML file will contain all the information included in the input files selected, but not necessarily showing the same layout. If the original HTML files are simple enough (plain text, with maybe some links and some basic tables), the resulting file will faithfully replicate their original appearance. However, if the input files include frames, images, banners, other graphical elements, etc., these will be rearranged and simplified, ignoring all image files, though retaining any link associated with them. The settings and the criteria followed to perform this layout simplification process is hard coded in the software - as it happens with most Sobolsoft software tools, there is no room for customization.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simplicity of use


  • All graphical elements are ignored and the text and links rearranged in a much simpler layout
  • No settings available for customization
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